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Deltaschool Code

Kickstart your coding journey, create your very own project portfolio and stand out today!

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Current Session

Aug 19th - Nov 19th

August 2023 Session: 

Available Pathways:
Data Science
Web Development
Game Development
Application Deadline:
Aug 19th

Why Master Coding in Highschool?

We believe in the transformative power of computing and its potential to change the world. Our program is therefore designed to enable our to be at the forefront of this change. To that end, Deltaschool Code graduates are:

Better Problem Solvers

Our coding program hones analytical skills and systematic thinking, enabling students to confidently tackle intricate challenges. They develop the aptitude to deconstruct tasks methodically, strengthening their problem-solving abilities for real-world situations.

Stronger University Applicants

Mastering coding gives students a competitive edge in university applications, showcasing adaptability and critical thinking. Proficiency in programming sets them apart as forward-looking candidates prepared to excel in a technology-driven academic environment.

More Confident Innovators

Our comprehensive coding curriculum nurtures confident innovators who don't just code – they create. Students gain the confidence and skills to approach problems creatively, generating unique solutions that position them as future-oriented individuals poised for success.

Our Pathways


Web Development

Create dynamic websites and web applications that captivate users and shape the digital landscape.


Data Science

Uncover insights from raw data, master the art of analysis and visualization, and drive business decisions.


Game Development

Bring captivating universes in a world of both imagination and cutting-edge technology.

Student Outcomes

1:1 Mentorship Hours

Students completing the final courses of their pathways will receive dedicated 1:1 mentorship hours with their tutors.

This support will assist them in formulating and completing their pathway projects.

All students will have the opportunity to obtain personalized letters of recommendation from their mentors.

Letters of recommendations

A technically challenging 4-week project with personalized 1:1 mentorship. The project will allow the student to apply their skills to a fully functioning self-made project.

This project will be a great addition to the student's university application profile, further shaping their ‘Delta’ factor.

Pathway Project and Presentation

Alumni will gain access to the vibrant Deltaschool Network on Discord—an engaged community comprising alumni, mentors, content developers, and industry leaders. 

This resource-rich network can further nurture students’ academic and career aspirations.

Deltaschool Network Membership

Certificate of Mastery

Students will receive comprehensive transcripts, feedback, and a detailed breakdown of their coursework.

The Certificate of Mastery can be used to showcase the student's skills to universities and potential career opportunities.
Students who complete foundation courses will engage in a Case Study component during the final 3 weeks of their courses.

This Case Study will allow students to apply their newly acquired skills to solve real-world problems, reflect on their progress and receive crucial feedback as they test their understanding of what has been taught so far.

Case Study Milestone

Deltaschool Code Team

Our mentors and instructors come from various prestigious academic institutions around the world from MIT in the United States to Yale-NUS in Singapore. They also boast a wide array of academic and industry experiences to complement our students' learning.

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