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AI Fellowship

Unleash your potential with artificial intelligence, meet like-minded peers, and build your own innovative project.

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Current Cohort

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August 2023 Cohort:

Upcoming Cohorts

January 7th - February 4th, 2024

March 31st - April 28th, 2024

June 30th - July 28th, 2024

Upcoming Cohorts:

Application Deadlines:
September 24th, 2023
December 31st, 2023


Why study AI in Highschool?

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming every aspect of society.

It has never been more important to learn how AI works and

how you can work with AI to solve problems and accomplish ambitious goals.

Cultivate your Skillset

Starting your AI journey early allows you to cement solid foundational skills, enabling you to stay ahead of the game as AI accelerates and touches every aspect of society.

Amplify your Application

While this program is intensive, dedicating just 4 weeks of your summer to level-up your academic and practical skills in Artificial Intelligence will demonstrate exceptional curiosity and timeliness.

Solve Real World Problems

From climate change to healthcare, AI is being utilized to solve some of the biggest global challenges facing humanity. You will gain the opportunity to contribute to solving larger issues through the project you build.

Project Case Studies

AI x Medicine

Saahira Demo_edited.jpg

Saahira built a tool to assess the risk of cardiac arrest in patients using ECG data, age, and sex information

AI x Finance

Anirudh Demo_edited.jpg

Anirudh created a tool to plot stock trends and make predictions to help users make informed financial decisions


Vedanth Demo.png

Vedanth harnessed computer vision and LLMs to build a tool that interprets sign language and translates it to text

AI x Mental Health

Demi Demo.png

Demi created a program that can detect anxiety or panic attacks in speech and provides real-time support

AI x Motor Sports

Nicole Demo.png

Nicole combined computer vision with her passion for motor sports with a tool to help make racing safer for drivers

AI x Gaming

Artem Demo.png

Artem built a game suggesting assistant that provides personalized video game recommendations for gamers

Student Outcomes

Unlimited 1:1 Mentorship Hours

With access to 1:1 unlimited  mentorship from graduates of top institutions, you will build your very own AI project with ease.  Your mentor can provide support with your project development or answer questions about academic experiences.
Work on your individual projects in a collaborative setting, hacking together and helping each other solve problems during Build Week as you prepare for your final Demo Days presentations.


The core of the AI fellowship is developing your very own AI-powered solution to a real world problem.

You will choose an industry, identify a problem, and then build a solution such as an AI-powered website or app.

Problem-Solving Project

Alumni will gain access to the vibrant Deltaschool Network on Discord—an engaged community comprising alumni, mentors, content developers, and industry leaders. 

This resource-rich network can further nurture students’ academic and career aspirations.

Deltaschool Network Membership

Learn from the best in the field with Master Classes and hands-on Technical Workshops, helmed by leading AI professionals. These sessions provide a comprehensive  of AI's core principles and cutting-edge advancements.

These sessions will be recorded and if students are unable to attend due to previous commitments, recordings will be provided.

Master Classes & Technical Workshops


Students will receive a certificate of completion and a graded transcript with feedback on their work. High achieving students receive Deltaschool honors listed on their transcript.

Program Overview

Week 1: Future-Proof Fundamentals

Meet your cohort, attend master classes and technical workshops with AI faculty, and build your very own local AI chatbot on your computer.

Image by Arnold Francisca
Image by Kvalifik

Week 2: Brainstorm & Build

Choose an industry and identify a real-world problem, then brainstorm how AI can help solve that problem. Build while you brainstorm to learn by doing!

Week 3: Build Week

Hackathon time! Build your project and collaborate to solve problems during 5:1 group build sessions and unlimited 1:1 office hours with AI mentors.

Deltaschool AI Fellowship.png

Week 4: Demo Days & Graduation

Create a white paper and slidedeck to pitch your project just like the pros. Present your demo for the entire cohort and vote for peer awards.

The program culminates with a graduation celebration with a keynote speech featuring a special guest from leading AI company Google DeepMind.

j> white paper: a comprehensive report describing the value, methodology, and innovation of the project

> slidedeck: a visual presentation for a project pitch

Deltaschool AI Team

Our esteemed AI Mentors hail from premier universities, leading AI research institutions, and renowned AI corporations. They offer our students unparalleled insights and expert guidance in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Deltaschool AI Faculty

With Master Classes led by impressive guest speakers, Deltaschool AI fellows get an exclusive window into the AI landscape. These luminaries share unique perspectives and firsthand knowledge so you can stay at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence.

Ready to apply?

Start your journey into AI today

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